Semester / Branch
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1st Year-All Branches
3rd Semester Civil
3rd Semester Computer Science Engineering
3rd Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering
3rd Semester Electrical Engineering
3rd Semester Mechanical
3rd Semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering
4th Semester Civil
4th Semester Electrical Engineering
4th Semester Computer Science Engineering
4th Semester Mechanical Engineering
4th Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering
4th  Semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering
5th & 6th  Semester Civil
5th & 6th  Semester Electrical Engineering
5th & 6th  Semester Computer Science Engineering
5th & 6th  Semester Mechanical Engineering
5th & 6th   Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering
5th & 6th   Semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering
6th Semester Communication Skill- All Branches
6th Semester Green Technologies-All Branches
7th Semester- All Branches
8th Semester- All Semester
6th Semester Mechanical 2020
6th Semester Electrical 2020
6th Semester Civil 2020