R & D Initiatives

 Initiatives for Students
1. Students are encouraged to participate in workshops, seminars, paper presentation and project competitions.
2. They are motivated to undertake both in house and industry based projects.
3. Guest lectures, workshops and industrial visits are regularly arranged to focus on thrust areas.
4. Financial assistance is provided for publishing the paper in a peer reviewed journal.
5. Financial assistance for developing the experimental setups for the innovative/socially relevant project work.
6. Students are encouraged to submit research proposal under student project scheme to external funding agencies on the topic of their project work.
Initiatives for Faculty
  1.  Financial assistance in terms of registration fees, TA/DA, etc for participation in National & International conferences (India and Abroad), Workshops, Seminars, FDP, etc.
  2.  Faculty members are sponsored for pursuing higher studies.
  3.  Incentives for publishing papers in refereed impact factor journals.
  4.  Incentive to faculty for receiving research grant from external funding agencies of Govt. of India
  5.  Faculty members are encouraged for interacting with the outside world such as chairing technical session/invitation as keynote speaker in National/International Conferences, Seminar, Workshop and Guest lecture,.
  6.  Management extends full supports for the fund required for procuring facilities to do the research. Research Activities in Departments: 
    • Funded Projects
    • Students Projects
    • Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/FDP/Summer/Winter Schools Organized Academic Research.