Dear Students,

A separate Committee to monitor the progress of the student on all fronts especially in academic and to assist them in the right direction in case they need, on an one to one basis under the guidance of the principal has been formed

A group of around twenty students will be allotted to a teacher, who will be the proctor /mentor/councilor/guide for that group of students till they complete the course. The proctor will be from the same department for which the student has taken admission. As the student takes admission to the institution, his/her attendance progress, tests marks, results of the university examination, his behavior and attitude in the class room and with friends and his associations are closely monitored.

If the proctor feels that a particular student needs counseling on any of the above issues, he/she will be counseled.

All the academic progress of each student is sent to their parents every month by SMS. In extreme cases the parents are called to the institution and the students are counseled in front of the parents and the higher ups.

All the staff of that department will be the proctors for the students of that department.

Every fortnight the teachers will enter the attendance of the students of the subject they are teaching and the test marks of the subject they have valued to a common data base. This will be accessed by the proctor and sent to the parents via SMS.

At the commencement of the First semester students and parents will know the details of their proctor.

The proctor will maintain a record book for each student for the next eight semesters, and the academic and other details being entered as and when they are available with time.