Faculty Development Programme

 G.I.E.T. conducts two days FDP Workshop Sikhsak
GIET, Baniatangi, Khurda conducted two days (on 17th & 18th June) faculty development training program in its premises. The program was inaugurated by the honorable Vice-Chairman Prof. J. P. Mishra, Director Prof. Dr. B. Pradhan and Vice-Principal Prof. Dr. B. Sahu. The resource person Mr. Nasim Khan who spoke for two days on the topic “The Sikhsakâ€Â. It was attended by almost all the faculties of the college. The two days program was conducted with two sessions for each days forenoon and afternoon. The inaugural session was made with a devotional song made for concentration. He spoke at large on the ability of song and yoga for the development of concentration. The first session on the inaugural day was on the importance of motivation. Mr. Nasim Khan gave some lively examples and made some question answer sessions to make it a interesting one. The faculty members were divided into different groups with different names. The resource person was asking questions relating to the program. However the first day ended with a lot of enthusiasm among the teachers. Next morning was started with a devotional song again to develop the concentration. A lot of excitement was there among the groups to get the prize. The afternoon session was conducted on the attitude and behavior of the teachers towards the students. It was also interactive and entertaining session. The program came to an end at 5.30 evening. The winner group was Shivaji among all the groups. At the end of the session, Director and Vice-Principal gave away the prizes to the teachers who performed well in the session. However, the training program was grand success boosting the spirit of the teachers.
 FDP on Employees Motivation "SOUVENIR" organised by HRD Department
RESOURCE PERSON  : Dr. RKS Mangesh Dash ( Advisor and Principal Consultant, TWARAN )
The theme of the Programme is :-
  1. Make faculty members aware of their own patterns of teaching and its effectiveness
  2. Facilitate to create interest for studies among the students
  3. Contemporary Pedagogical Techniques
  4. Goal setting for the students
  5. Career mentoring for the students
  6. Leadership Quotient and Team work
  7. Facilitate to channelize their source of energy to derive enthusiasm for work
  8. Provide participants the opportunity to identify and work on issues critical to their growth and personal effectiveness
  9. Sensitise them towards involvement in Institution building prospective
10.Discover their potential to live more effectively and meaningfully in the various roles they play
The session was very interactive and scientific for development of the professional personalities.
 A Faculty Development Programme was organized in GIET campus for the teaching staff of all the branches. It was a one day workshop which aimed at providing valuable information to all the faculty of the Departments. The main motive of this programme was to enhance the best techniques of teaching methods in the present day and to update the knowledge of the faculty. Dr Ashok Panda an eminent journalist was the key note speaker who addressed to the gathering. His presentation included Team Building skills which can help to work efficiently with good results in one day developing the organization. He also focused that Corporate Culture and work ethics should be trained to the students in the Engineering colleges in order to obtain better opportunities in the job sector. Dr. Panda’s presentation mainly focused on Time Management which is the prime factor and has a great value to utilize in this competitive world. He stressed on the fact that the faculties should have a holistic approach in imparting quality education. The programme was emphasized on vital areas of motivation development of leadership quality, effective communication, image management, classroom and mind management etc.