The library has been built to maintain unique standards. Specialized collections of Books, Journals & Non-book materials are available in Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences. It has well over 17982 Volumes of books and subscribes to many important journals, national and international. The library remains open throughout the week. Students can issue books from the library under three different schemes. They are 
(a) Regular issue,
(b) Book Bank issue and
(c) Overnight issue.
The library activities and services are fully automated using ERP (Fedena) software. The library is well equipped with modem facilities and resources (print and electronic) in the forms of non-book materials around 500 CDs, 31 Video Cassettes and 105 Audio Cassettes. GIET Subscribes to 165 National and International Journals. The library has access to 500+ e-resources; Apart from college library each department is having a separate library with good collection. 

The Library contributes to the fulfillment of the college mission by

Responding to the varying needs of the academic community by involving the faculty, the students and the administration in the development and periodic assessment of the library services and resources. Providing library users with point-of-use instruction, personal assistance in conducting literature research and other reference services. Providing an environment conducive to the optimum use of library materials and an appropriate schedule of hours of service and professional assistance. Participating in overall computing resources plan and providing for full library utilization of automation technology, physical facilities and equipment adequate to process, catalogue and store the materials.
The library has a: Circulation Section - Issue Counter, Return / Renewal Counter, Study Room, Prof. In charge - Library Office, Sr. Asst. Librarian Office (Periodical), Journal Section, Back Volumes Section, Copier Section, Periodical office & Library OPAC.


Library opens on all the working days, except the Institute Holidays.
  • Monday to Saturday: 8 A M to 9 P M
  • Sunday/Other Holidays: 9 A M to 1 P M (Only study & References)
  • Book Issue/Return: 8 A M to 6.30 P M
  • Study & References: 8 A M to 9 P M
  • Books
    • The Library has successfully built up a comprehensive collection of more than 17982 books with 2,648 Titles covering different branches of knowledge.
    • Good collection of Novel & story Books.
    • Beside that more than 500 books available in electronic form covering various subject.
    • Library subscribes more than 300 print and e-journals (National & International) in different fields through IEEE, INDEST, DELNET, and ASME Databases.
    • Library access the educational Video for students through NPTEL.
    • The Library has around 500+ CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Databases different branches.
    • Library subscribes to 30 magazines in English and Hindi.
    • Library Subscribes English, Oriya, Hindi 14 newspapers for the need of students and academic community.
    Other Resources
    • The Library also hold a collection of project reports of all department, campus news, all semester old questions paper with answer.

      • Circulation (Issue/Return)
      • Reference Service
      • Automated Library operation with Institutional ERP (Fedena) software
      • Current Awareness service
      • CD-ROM facility
      • Book Bank Facility
      • Reprographic services
      • Digital Library
      • News clippings
      • New arrivals
      • E-Document Delivery Services
      Open Courseware











      All the bonafide students, Faculty, and Administration staff of our institute Member of the Library.


      1. Every member who enters the library shall sign in Gate register.
      2. All personal belongings should not be brought to the library.
      3. Students should be in position, to show their identity when required by the authority.
      4. The reader shell keeps silence within the library premises.
      5. Students are not allowed to sit in the library hall when they have class work.
      6. No person shall sleep in the library premises.
      7. Every member who enters the library shall sign in Gate register.
      8. All personal belongings should not be brought to the library.
      9. Students should be in position, to show their identity when required by the authority.
      10. The reader shell keeps silence within the library premises.
      11. Students are not allowed to sit in the library hall when they have class work.
      12. No person shall sleep in the library premises.
      13. No person shall write damage or make any mark upon any book.
      14. A person shall be responsible for any damage done by him/her to the books as property of the library.
      15. Before leaving the library each person shall return the circulation/Documents taken for reference/reading.
      16. Library card will be issued to the member. These library cards will be valid for one academic year and shall be renewed in the beginning of the subsequent year.
      17. Documents will be lent to a borrower only against the library card.
      18. In case the library card is lost by a member, a written report is to made to the librarian with a receipt of Rs 50.00 deposited for issue of duplicate library card.
      19. A teacher can borrow up to three books for one semester or less at a time.
      20. Students can borrow two technical and one general book for a period not exceeding 14 days. Beyond due date will have to pay the flilowing.
        If a student does not return the book in the fine will be impose him as per details.
        15th -------------to -------------30th Rs 15/-
        31th -------------to--------------60th Rs 30/-
        61th -------------to--------------90th Rs 50/- N.B: Immediately action will be taken after date.
      21. Non-teaching staff are allowed to take 2 nos. books for 14 days.
      22. Officers of the institution are allowed to take two books for fourteen days.
      23. Students can also borrow up to 6 books from the book bank for one semester by depositing 20% of cost of each book and has to return the book at the end of the semester.
      24. Before leaving the counter, the borrower shall verify the pages of the book borrowed. If the book is not in sound physical condition, he/she should bring it to the notice of the library staff. Otherwise the borrower is liable to be responsible either for the replacement of the book or for payment of the double cost of the book.
      25. Reference books, periodical, journals and rare books shall not be lent out of the library.But the said books can be issued to be teachers over night with the special permission of the principal/Director.
      26. Books may be renewed for further period if the same are not in demand.
      27. If a member does not pay-off any overdue or other charges of library, his/her privileges of borrowing books shall be suspended till he/she deposits the due.
      28. In case a book is lost or damaged by a member, the member shall replace the book or shall pay double the cost. If the book is one of a set, the reader may be asked to replace the whlie set.
      29. Students have to obtain library clearance after the end of each semester examination.
      30. All the borrowers shall secure a No Dues certificate from the library after clearing all the dues, while leaving the college.


      Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Contact No. E-Mail ID
      1. Mr.Udayanath Rout Chief. Librarian Mphil, PhD Cont. 9778728750 librarian@gietbbsr.com
      2. Mr. Satish Naik Asst. Librarian MLIS 9777568334 satishn@gietbbsr.com
      3. Miss. Krishnarani Mallick Asst. Librarian MLIS 8599806568 krishnaranim@gietbbsr.com
      4. Miss.KrutiKalpita Behera Library Asst. MA, MLIB 8249136507 krutikbehera@gietbbsr.com
      5. Mr.Ajit Ku Dash Library Asst. B. Com. 8230770321 ajitkumard69@gmail.com
      6. Mr. Ramakrushna Sahu Library Asst. B.A. 9692429399 sramakrushna@gietbbsr.com
      7. Mr. Sidhaswar Tripathy Library Asst. B.A. 8018646704 stripathy@gietbbsr.com